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Welcome To Wellness Coach® Clinics

   Dear Fellow Back and Neck Pain Sufferer and…Neuropathy Sufferer:

Imagine what your life could be like without back and neck pain or without foot pain, numbness, tingling and burning. You could get your old life back.You could enjoy life again.


“Eliminates Back and Neck Pain for Good!” and...
“Eliminates Foot Pain, Numbness, Tingling and Burning for Good!”

   You suffer and have repeatedly seen doctors in the past few days, weeks and months because of your pain. Nothing has helped. What are you supposed to do? Just suffer?

The thought of a lifetime of pain and limitation is depressing. Your joy has been sucked out of you. You can’t enjoy your life. In fact, it’s hard to get around the house. Even the basics are a chore.

Imagine...You Free from Pain!

   What if there was another way? What would YOU do and enjoy if your pain was gone and you could move and play? Well, there is another way. And...I can guarantee your life would be better than it is now! I want you to know: You have options. There is hope!

Our practice is called: Wellness Coach® Clinics. We help people, just like You, feel better without drugs and surgery. You can find us at Chiropractic at the Crossing. (You’ll see the Wellness Coach® Clinics sign on the window). Our phone number is 403 986 4477 and our email is Call or email our Staff NOW for your FREE Consultation. Dr. Harrison and I look forward to meeting you. Call or email today. We can help you!

Dr. Steve Waddell D.C.
Clinical Director
Wellness Coach® Clinics

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Dr. Steve Waddell, D.C. Clinical Director

What Our Patients Say About Us

I now have no pain in my back or legs. I am able to move and sit in complete comfort!

Scott Caron Red Deer, Alberta

I’m relieved I don’t need surgery! I’m now playing with my grandchildren and enjoying my sewing again!

Lynne Reid Ponoka, Alberta