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Dr. Steve Waddell

Clinical Director

Wellness Coach® Clinics is honored to have Dr. Steve Waddell serve at its Clinical Director. Dr. Steve Waddell brings a unique balance to health and healing.

“I grew up with a very sick father. I never knew him to be well, and as a result, spent many days in hospitals with him — emergency rooms and intensive care units. I was planning to be a medical doctor, but I decided I did not want to spend my life treating disease and death...I wanted to help people improve their health, enjoy their lives and feel better, look better, perform better and stay away from unnecessary drugs and surgery. This focus has allowed me to serve thousands of people and has served me well when I faced and now cope with my own life-threatening illness.”

After graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he completed graduate studies at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, in the Departments of Immunology and Public Health. In addition, Dr. Steve Waddell is currently completing Chiropractic and Medical Fellowships in Functional Neurology and, is pursuing graduate studies at Chicago's Trinity International University in the area of Medical Bioethics.

A best-selling author and known internationally as: “The Health Improvement Expert,” Dr. Steve Waddell lives the principles of natural health while using both alternative medicine and traditional medicine. Dr. Steve Waddell practices a lifestyle of healthy habits and alternative medicine. At the same time, he relies on traditional medicine to reclaim his life from a terminal illness. Over the past 29 years, Dr. Steve Waddell has helped more than 300,000 people feel better, heal better, move better and perform better. Patients of Dr. Steve Waddell succeed because they are equipped to make healthy choices while using alternative medicine and traditional medicine.

Dr. Steve Waddell’s mission is to help you find a balance between alternative medicine and traditional medicine. He will help you master healthy habits and anti-aging strategies designed to improve your health. And he will also help you find alternative medicine and natural solutions where possible and will guide you to the most effective and least painful traditional treatment options.

Dr. Steve Waddell practices in his hometown, Red Deer, and is married to Anne (a French Canadian and former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Anne Waddell is the office manager for Wellness Coach® Clinics and together, they have raised four beautiful children.

What Our Patients Say About Us

I now have no pain in my back or legs. I am able to move and sit in complete comfort!

Scott Caron Red Deer, Alberta

I’m relieved I don’t need surgery! I’m now playing with my grandchildren and enjoying my sewing again!

Lynne Reid Ponoka, Alberta