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Dear Friend and Fellow Back & Neck Pain Sufferer:

Imagine what your life could be like WITHOUT back and neck pain. You could enjoy life again!

Dr. Steve Waddell offers a non-surgical, painless, in-office and cheap way to get quick relief as well as long term freedom from pain, suffering and loss of mobility.

If you suffer with bulging or herniated discs, spine arthritis, stenosis, or even failed back or neck surgeries, YOU have a brand new chance to find help and relief.

At Wellness Coach Clinics, we use an advanced multidisciplinary approach, which includes our Kennedy Spinal Decompression System, Genesis Full Spectrum Lasers and Torque Release Techniques.

Dr. Steve Waddell D.C.
Clinical Director
Wellness Coach® Clinics

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What Our Patients Say About Us

I now have no pain in my back or legs. I am able to move and sit in complete comfort!

Scott Caron Red Deer, Alberta

I’m relieved I don’t need surgery! I’m now playing with my grandchildren and enjoying my sewing again!

Lynne Reid Ponoka, Alberta